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I have been using these guys for 13 years. I recently hired them to empty my tank.

They cashed my $200 check and never provided the service. She lied to me on several occasions using one excuse after another..telling me that the truck broke down one time and that he was just too busy another. When I called and finally spoke to Dan, he told me that him and Robin were getting a divorce and it was not likely that he would empty my tank. Dan and Robin are no longer honorable.

Too bad.

Stay clear of these guys. Robin tells me that my check is in the mail....

Monetary Loss: $500.

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I heard that Dan Laliberte, owner of Dan's Septic emptied his pump truck in the woods and was caught by the state of New Hampshire. They had a $55,000 lien on his property. I can't understand why he is still in business!

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